It’s easy to get lost in memories sometimes. Good ones, bad ones, confusing ones. But there are certain spaces that are a little harder to define.

It’s those moments where you find yourself floating between reality and something else. You’re remembering, and yet it feels like you’re drawing up a fiction. Did that really happen? Was that really me?

And then you snap back to reality because your friend agrees that yes that did in fact happen and yes they remember it too and it was fun and oh good you’re not crazy, now let’s enjoy these nostalgic Reddit posts together.

10. I’m a Toys R Us kid

Believe it or not, there used to be more than one company that sold things.

Toys R Us
byu/Otherwise_Basis_6328 innostalgia

9. The horsemen

Those marker swords never lasted more than 8 seconds but they were glorious seconds.

Pure nostalgia, those were the days
byu/Q22nd inmemes

8. A true hero

Just landfills full of this stuff now, huh?

Only the most exquisite for company.
byu/cucumbeeer inmemes

7. The ball room

I can just hear the rubbery, heavy “thunk” right now.

The ball room in elementary school PE
by innostalgia

6. Leaving my mark

And thus history shall know that I, too, took biology.

Writing your name in the textbooks
by innostalgia

5. Refreshing

I feel like I’m sweating by a pool just looking at this.

Big puffy chunky buttons on the vending machine, 80s / 90s
by innostalgia

4. Brick by brick

There were just never quite enough to make your full castle.

Those red cardboard bricks in kindergarten
byu/larkinsworld innostalgia

3. To the matt

It wasn’t about preventing pain, it was about prevent lawsuits.

Anyone remember those mats that didnt even soften the fall when you landed on them?
byu/Spoopychillz innostalgia

2. Toss ’em up!

Never has a thing so evil and frustrating looked so whimsical.

Wonderful Waterful Ring Toss
byu/Delta__Rat innostalgia

1. Miss Cleo

That’s right, some of us grew up with a fake psychic yelling at us in a fake Jamaican accent on TV all night and somehow we were all fine with it.

Call me now. Lol
byu/BlackcatMemphis76 innostalgia

Memories…all alone in the moonlight…

What are you most nostalgic for right now?

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