I’m gonna knock on wood right now because on either side of me I have great neighbors.

They check my mail when I’m out of town, put out my trash and recycling, and keep an eye on my place.

And I do the same for them!

But I’ve definitely had neighbors in the past who were…less than desirable.

And if you have weird and annoying neighbors, these posts from the Nextdoor app might look kind of familiar.

Let’s take a look…

1. How rude!

Just trying to make some friends here.

2. Say what?!?!

Now I’m confused.

3. Will it happen?

Or will he just “we whack”?

4. Also pretty rude.

Just some parents looking out for their son.

5. Just a warning.

Cover your ears!

6. Thanks, Marge.

She’s really on top of it.

7. Hahaha. Wow!

Putting them on blast!

8. Things are getting ugly.

It’s about to go down!

9. Uh oh.

Here comes the drama!

10. You figure this out!

Well, this is weird…

Now we want to hear your stories about bad neighbors.

Share some good ones with us in the stories.

Thanks in advance!