Although I don’t enjoy dealing with petty people in my own life, I must say that seeing other people deal with pettiness is pretty funny…

Does that make ME petty?


But we’re here to talk about other people today, okay?

Check out these petty folks who I’m pretty confident are going to annoy you.

1. Uh oh…

Someone’s in for a big surprise!

2. This is COLD.

I bet this ended shortly after this incident.

3. This is really pushing it.

You’re clearly dealing with a psycho.


You need a new roommate.

5. Please tell me you didn’t send it…

I wouldn’t have!

6. This is great.

Way to go, Mom!

7. Very, very petty…

Someone is not happy.

8. I love it!

Well, what do they expect?

9. Nailed it!

A powerful petty move.

10. You gotta love this!

A lot of red ink on there.

11. Who’s thirsty?

Here you go!

Who’s the pettiest person you’ve ever had to deal with?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

We can’t wait to hear from you!