Do you have any pets at home?

Dogs? Cats? Fish?

You know what, forget about the fish right now. Because we’re only gonna focus on the furry pets for now.

Are y’all ready?

Enjoy these tweets about doggos and kitties!

1. It’s the best!

Nothing else like it.

2. Please come back!

They’re lonely!

3. I’m with you.

It’s a strong name. For cats and humans.

4. We found the culprit.

Was there ever any doubt?

5. I love him!

And I bet you do, too…

6. It’s definitely a classic.

Can’t beat it!

7. You are an artist.

We salute you!

8. That’s pretty creepy.

But I can see why you had to do it.

9. Count ’em!

There’s a new gang in town.

10. Do you work here?

Good! I have a few questions for you.

Do you have any furry friends at home?

If so, share some pics in the comments.

We’d love to meet them!