Be honest with us…are your kiddos being little angels lately?

Or are they making your life a living HELL?

It’s okay, you can tell us the truth…this is a safe space.

Well, while you ponder that important question, please enjoy these funny tweets about raising kids.

And hang in there!

1. Set that one aside.

Save it for later!

2. Don’t say a word.

Don’t even breathe…

3. She’s lying to you.

Time to put a stop to this.

4. Pretty much sums it up.

You nailed it!

5. This is not a joke.

She’s driving you mad!

6. You’ll never be on time again.

Just the way it goes.

7. We’re glad you’re okay.

That was a close one!

8. What did I do with my life?

Childless people say this too, FYI.

9. Just never admit it.

Your secrets are safe with us.

10. Dad, where are you?

You better keep it down!

11. Funny how that works.

If they only knew…

12. The rundown.

You better believe it!

Okay moms and dads, now we want to hear from you.

Give us a life update in the comments.

Thanks a lot!