Remember high school?

I guess some of you reading this might actually BE in high school, so forgive the assumption. At this point in my life I’ve forgotten that people that young even exist. For those of us looking back on it, it’s truly a bizarre place. The kind of space where things happen which, out of that context, would never stand up to scrutiny.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Just listen to these observations, courtesy of the internet.

10. The start time

I woke myself up around 6:00am, regularly, to drive my sister and I to school.
I cannot believe in retrospect that I had this in me.


9. The five minute mile

If I did that today I’d have to take the rest of the day off.

8. The hall passes

Ya gotta get creative when the whole school is completely broke.

7. Square dancing

You may hate this, and it will almost certainly never come in handy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not mandatory.

6. The theatre kids

I was one of these kids and even I was freaked out by us.

5. The fighters

All those hormones with no place to go.


4. The anti-theft

Clever ruse, attaching a calculator to a Nokia.


3. The line

Do it. You just gotta.

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2. The bathrooms

Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

byu/David-Shark inme_irl

1. The chairs

I’m gonna go ahead and cast my vote for nay, my butt hurts just looking at this.

Middle school chairs yay or nay
byu/krunkstep77 innostalgia

At least we all got an education, right? …right?

What’s the weirdest thing about your school experience?

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