I’ve done a lot of video production work in the past, and some of that has been creating wedding videos.

When my associates and I would take those projects, we really went above and beyond to stitch together something memorable for the clients. We took special care to customize and ensure a high quality of product.

And you know what? It was a huge waste of time.

Because nobody. Ever. Watches. Their. Wedding video.

For weddings, pictures are still where it’s at. The photos are the things that get revisited, and that last. For better, or, as these Reddit posts demonstrate, for worse.

15. The fund

I’m not even involved in this relationship and I feel the need to run away from it.

Pretty trashy for a wedding from trashy

14. Game is life

I’m gonna say…divorced within a year.

The groom took his laptop to his wedding to play a game on his computer from weddingshaming

13. Mouse in the house

Sometimes I truly understand the criticism that my generation refused to grow up.

And The Cringe Award Goes To… from weddingshaming

12. Concern intensified

This is some serial killer stuff.

These bizarre wedding vowels … from BoneAppleTea

11. Recreation

But which is which?

THE CAKE IS A ‘RECREATION’ OF THE BRIDE ? Do I need to say more? from weddingshaming

10. This bud’s for you

It would ironically be classier AND less expensive to just have a plain colored cake.

My cousins wedding cake… from trashy

9. Then there’s this

I love the fine art disguises.

I’m all for people who go for low-budget weddings, but then there’s this…. from weddingshaming

8. Nope

This is the one big rule of weddings – why do so many people break it?

Thought this was the bride and groom at first – nope. Father and stepmother of the bride, wearing a white-ish, beaded gown with a train. from weddingshaming

7. Drink up

Apparently this is a common thing?

Did Bud Light sponsor the wedding? from trashy

6. Do the math

My favorite part of this is that they made it even crazier with “14 + 2 adults” and “3 + 1 kids” instead of, yanno, “16” and “4.”

Inviting 20 extra people to a wedding from trashy

5. Well, fair

I have no idea how to feel about this.

Someone hosted their wedding today in the welfare office parking lot. from trashy

4. A non-invite

“We don’t like you enough to see you, but you need to like us enough to buy us things.”

We sent you this card so send us money from weddingshaming

3. Party time

Hey, at least it’s in a nice font.

He wore this hat to my friend’s wedding from trashy

2. Nature calls

At that point just designate a tree.

Why has this not been posted here yet? It’s GOLD. from weddingshaming

1. Party poopers

I’m so proud of you.

This was at a wedding from trashy

Memories to last a lifetime.

What was the weirdest wedding you’ve ever been to?

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