I was having a conversation with my girlfriend about the 2000’s. I was reminiscing about the first home computer my family bought, and all the strange little emerging tech and toys that I would spend my hours getting lost in.

I asked her what stood out to her about the decade and she said “Having my sexual awakening watching Pirates of the Caribbean.” Not the sort of answer I was expecting, but you know what? Valid. Totally valid. Drink up me hearties, yo ho.

I guess we all remember that era in different ways. Here are a few things you might fondly recall…

10. Shoes

The video that went viral before we even had a term for that happening.


9. Britney Spears

With a taste of your lips I’m on a ride.


8. That one Shirley Temple commercial

I didn’t realize until now that everyone else ALSO had this burned into their brains.


7. B.E.T.

Uh oh. You’re about to discover some things.


6. Hot Topic & Hollister

The pixel art is so pitch perfect to the era as well.


5. Avril Lavigne

I used to date a girl who copied her aesthetic beat for beat.


4. Flip phones

Weirdly enough these are back now?


3. Old school MTV

No, even then it wasn’t about music.


2. WB Saturday morning

This was my own personal religion.


1. iPods

The original model was $399 for a whopping 5 GB of music storage. Adjusted for inflation that would be more than enough to buy a mid-tier 100+ GB smartphone today.


Ah. Good times. Take me back. No literally, take me back. Get me out of this time. GET ME OUT!

*ahem* What’s the thing you miss the most about the 2000’s?

Tell us in the comments.