There’s a (mostly obsolete?) tradition in American marriages where a husband will literally pick up and carry his wife across the threshold of the doorway of their home the first time they enter it as a married couple.

I’m not entirely sure what it’s supposed to mean – but it does really emphasize that crossing of a line. The fact that from now on, there’s something new. An old way of living has past and a different chapter is starting.

What’s going to happen after that? Well, possibly a lot of looking back at that last chapter, which is what happened to the people behind these anonymous confessions.

10. “They’re so unbearable”

Remember, you’re not just marrying one person, you’re taking on a family.

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9. “I regret not waiting”

“But maybe that was my biggest mistake.”

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8. “Traveling and seeing the world”

Man, I’d love to do that at any point in my life.

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7. “A place of my own”

“I’ve never experienced life without roommates.”

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6. “I wish I came out”

It would be significantly freeing.

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5. “I wish I had a threesome”

Ah, well, that’s direct.

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4. “I regret not realizing…”

Sometimes it’s very hard to know.

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3. “The only thing I wish I did…”

Aw, you jerk. That’s too sweet.

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2. “I wish I partied more”

Gotta consult with Andrew W.K. on that one.

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1. “I am scared”

What are you left with then?

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Marriage is a big step. Make sure you’re ready.

What’s your biggest piece of relationship advice?

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