Everyone knows what it is to have an affair, but what about when things don’t quite get physical?

Can there still be a commitment betrayal even if there’s little or no actual personal contact involved? Many people would say yes. It’s called an emotional affair, and it takes place when you grow distant from your partner and come to rely emotionally on someone outside the relationship.

And how exactly does that go down? These anonymous confessions tell all.

10. “I miss my emotional affair.”

Wow, of all the insulting words one could use, “useless” really hits home.

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9. “I purposely let…”

When you’re resorting to revenge, it’s probably time to throw in the towel.

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8. “I was feeling neglected”

And there are few worse feelings out there.

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7. “I know it’s not fair”

But then, I guess, neither is life.

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6. “Treats me like a pest”

Well that whole thing just sounds like a mess.

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5. “Embarking on an emotional affair”

Makes it sound like an expedition up a mountain or something.

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4. “I refuse to go further”

Everyone has their line in the sand.

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3. “Can’t shake it”

People think babies will put an end to all other relationship woes.
That never happens.

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2. “For 10 months”

Everybody loses!

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1. “My high school boyfriend”

Back to safe harbor you go.

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I guess at the end of the day an affair is an affair. And it always hurts.

Have you ever been involved in a situation like this?

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