A lot of us have seen changes to our work situations lately. More and more folks are doing their jobs from home, which is kinda nice as long as you’ve got a little space to dedicate to that sort of thing. Not super fun to be creating makeshift desks with your kids running circles around you and throwing play dough at each other or whatever it is that kids do.

Not that all the problems would go away if you were back in the traditional office, of course. No matter what form work takes, there’s always something to contend with.

It’s a strange thing, the world of employment – and nobody expresses that strangeness better than the people of Twitter.

10. Work it

There’s something very special and very weird at play here.

9. Going up

Best of luck, bro.

8. Give me a break

I don’t run so good as I used to.

7. Good morning

Can we not right now? Or like, ever?

6. Slap suits

Sir I would PAY you for this privilege.

5. Speedy delivery!

If I wait too long, maybe everyone will hate me.

4. Work it

My forehead? That’s hot.

3. On the flip side

The grass is always greener.


2. The silent treatment

You just stare blankly until you find yourself in bed wondering what just happened.

1. The nod

Being an employee isn’t all it’s quacked up to be.

Tweets that good almost make the rat race seem worthwhile. Especially that last one. I’d work with that duck for FREE.

What’s your work experience like?

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