Raise your hand if you are utterly, completely, one hundred percent, no question, thoroughly, undeniably, and reliably DONE with 2020.

I can’t see any of you but I assume your hands are up. In which case, these memes are for you.

13. A clean sweep

Get to the chopper!

12. High art

I don’t know how I went back in time, but I did.

11. Congratulations?

This kitty is having a time and we are all this kitty.

10. Not gonna work out

Ok but for real as soon as it’s all back I’m gonna get ripped, I promise.

9. Code of silence

I am Jack’s sagging, overused couch cushions.

8. The ultimate sacrifice

This, it turns out, is still too much for some.

7. This is the way

Sounds like you’re going to be very very safe on your errands.

6. That sinking feeling

Well, you know what they say, ship happens.

5. Rocky road

At least I can put some of this into my slush fund.

4. Pack it in

Real outlaws spring for that triple-ply.

3. Say “what” again

He’s been training his entire life for this moment and he didn’t even know it.

2. Throw ’em back

And they’d also be horrified and disappointed.

1. Gas, grass, or *ss

I don’t know what they’re up to, but I’d like to tag along.

At the time of writing I take great solace in knowing that 2020 is almost over. 2021 has gotta be at least a little better. Right?


What was something GOOD that actually happened for you in 2020?

Tell us in the comments.