It’s hard for me to imagine being a parent. Not so much because of all the responsibilities and the worries and the cost, but more just because I don’t know what to make of the idea of there being little me’s running around in the world. I strongly suspect that one is more than enough.

But whether I ever get to find out otherwise or not, I’ll always have the internet to give me little glimpses into what parenting is truly all about.

In particular today, we’re gonna be examining some tweets.

10. A horse of a different color

Boss, you’re gonna have to give us more notice than this, you’re screwing up our fourth quarter earnings.

9. Select your player

*Luigi death stare intensifies*

8. A big stink

Message received loud and clear, thank you so much.

7. Happy birthday to you!

We’re maybe not so great at counting yet.

6. I’m not tired, you’re tired

It’s the “calm down” of children.

5. Just hanging out

Dude, I thought you were chill.

4. Do the math

Are you living in a family of centipedes?

3. Be humble

We’ll see who’s all high and mighty when he poops his pants mid conversation.

2. The paradox

How are kids even alive?

1. Baby shark

This is incredible and would be my go-to all the time.


Man, it really does sound wonderful…ly stressful. I think I’ll pass for now.

But what am I missing? What’s being a parent really like?

Give me the true rundown in the comments, please. Gotta stay informed.