It’s time to boil down married life to its basic elements…

Does that sound good to you?

Oh, good!

Then these funny tweets from moms and dads will definitely tickle your funny bone!

Go ahead and take a look and get ready to laugh!

1. What an idiot!

He’s not too bright, huh?

2. You’re in charge.

Did I do this the right way?

3. This is not a good sign.

It’s gonna get ugly.

4. Pretty much.

Ain’t it great?!?!

5. Around and around you go.

Are you ready for this?

6. He’s really blowing it.

The answer is always NO.

7. You sound like a blast!

Are you fun at parties?

8. Uh oh…

The wrong kind of gift.

9. He’ll never use it.

He needs a storage space.

10. What was she thinking?

She doesn’t even know you anymore…

Are you married?

If so, how’s it going?

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