I don’t know if you’ve heard of this Twitter place or not, but basically it’s a website where you can write as much as you want about anything you want, except you have to do it in little chunks because your readers are way too easily bored for your big meandering essays.

It’s great. They’ve got everything.

Even jokes! Like these!

10. Upstairs, downstairs

Supposedly this mental phenomenon has something to do with a shift in neurology when you cross a threshold but I think it’s goblins.

9. The eternal questions

I have never bought a rug larger than a bath mat because I’m not King Midas.

8. You’re*

Can’t help but notice you didn’t end your sentence with any punctuation, Dylan.

7. Leggo my eggs, though

You can grow an appreciation for the little things.

6. Something to chew on

Also gadge how much you can tolerate their most boring story, because you’ll hear it a lot.

5. Over the hill

Would we call these videos “viral” though?


4. Carry me home

Getting thrown shade by Idris Elba would be absolutely devastating.

3. Classy moves

I can always appreciate an aggressive sales tactic.

2. New expectations

All of America for the last five years or so.

1. Who goes there?

Dang, you’re gonna get those notifications in surround sound.

All those great jokes just floating around the internet waiting to be seen, for free. What a time to be alive, am I right?

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