If you’ve watched any installment from a half-baked but still wildly lucrative movie franchise lately, you know that they’re all about family, somehow. And frankly, we want in on that action. Daddy needs a new pair of yachts.

So today, we’re gonna be all about family by presenting ten family tweets. We’ll be together through it all – the ups, the downs, the scrolling, the laughing, the sharing, the commenting. It’s just you and me and you and you and me.

Enjoy these tweets, fam.

10. Gotta run

See if I tried to do this it would sound like I was telling people I had the bends.

9. Pre kid / post kid

I can’t wait for my nieces to find out how the internet actually works and realize their parents were lying every time they said they “didn’t have that song on their phone.”

8. Laser vision

We are especially attuned to that which matters most.

7. Careful what you wish for

The cash is always greener on the other side of the fence.

6. The sticker hoarder

Oh man. This one is too real. This one hurts.

5. Classy, bougie, ratchet

To be fair, she has no idea what any of those words mean and honestly I might not either.

4. The drinking principle

It’s all relative, baby.

3. The scam artist

Please send payment in the form of direct wire transfer or Apple Gift Card.


2. Road rage

You really get the inside scoop this way.

1. Get it

Somebody called this “gradmaflage” and I’ll never be ok again.

When we’re here, we’re family. Dang, now I want breadsticks.

What’s your family like?

Tell us about them in the comments.