My favorite place for a night out to eat is Olive Garden, because as they say “when you’re here, you’re family.”

The slogan isn’t just catchy marketing, either. It’s totally true. The minute I walk in the host starts drinking, the servers passively aggressively bring up a fight we had years ago, and the manager asks why I haven’t settled down with a nice girl yet. But unlike with my normal family, there are unlimited breadsticks.

Let’s celebrate families of all kinds with these memes, shall we?

14. Fun mood

Just keep it flowin’, yo.

13. You must be trippin’

And they say nerds don’t have a sense of humor.

12. Dad jokes

This is pretty serious, I’ve only seen a case this bad maybe a couple of times.

11. The mission is impossible

When you really just wanna chill but you keep lying and telling yourself you’re busy right now.

10. The candy grab

See also: trying to pick up the toy they just dropped and breaking every bone in your body.

9. The universal language

How long before they catch onto this, though?

8. Well, hot dog!

You don’t get it, to a kid, that’s a five star meal right there.

7. Ok


6. Oh oops

The real you comes out now, huh mom?

5. Good morning

We stan a real queen.

4. Warmest congratulations

I see what you did there, dad.

3. Have a moment

And then there’s just kind of a lot to do.

2. Very demanding

Hey, at least he kept his cool.

1. Lookin’ cute

Gramoflauge is my new band name, I call dibs.

Now pass me the salad.

What’s your family like?

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