If you’re in the mood for some lighthearted tweets that will make your day better, look literally no further because we’ve got them. Right here.

Exciting, right? All the magic of Twitter right on your very phone?! It’s never been done before! But that’s the kind of innovation that we’re committed to here, so you’re welcome.

Enjoy these ten random tweets that will put a smile on your face.

10. What?

It works even better if you make sure to get a really awkwardly laid out house.

9. Upstairs, downstairs

Once you cross that threshold your mind just gets erased, there’s nothing we can about it.

8. Dark jokes

“Eventually they’ll realize how long they’ve been talking.” – me, an idiot, every time

7. Notice of absence

I could use this as a sign on every door.

6. Nobody likes a snitch

What, is that guac comin’ outta your paycheck or something?

5. Let me be clear

Tag yourself, I’m all the boats.

4. Acronym acceptance

If you could find your way clear to lmfao that would be even better.

3. Butter living

“This is gonna spread real nice on all my garbage.”


2. The power twins

They’ve been some sort of oracles all along, and we just couldn’t see it.


1. Work it

The greatest and most consistent lie ever told.

Gotta love a tweet that can pack that much funny into such a small package. How do they even do it? We can’t know, there’s just no way to know.

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