Today, we’re gonna take a trip down memory lane. So pack a toothbrush and your…memory deodorant, I guess.

The cool thing about memory lane is it’s a road that goes for as long as you want it to. You can just keep driving down that and never arrive anywhere, enjoying the pleasingly familiar scenery along the way.

And to help us on our journey, we’re enlisting the virtual travel agents of Twitter. Take it away, tweets. Let’s ride.

10. It’s in the game

In my experience these were the ultimate tease, because you either didn’t have enough time to play them, or they were out of order.

9. In living color

The most popular gaming handheld of all time didn’t have a backlit screen.
I have no idea how we survived this.

8. Piece by piece

For some reason, we used to be very interested in pencil innovation.

7. Break the ice

These little guys really packed a wallop, I tell ya what.

6. The ball

You can just hear the THUNK right through your screen, can’t you?

5. Make it a Blockbuster night

In the era of endless streaming options, it’s really hard to explain why this was so exciting.

4. Bone apple tea

I legit never thought of this as like, poverty food. This was a straight up treat.


3. Mouse in the house

Before lasers, mice had balls.
And it was up to us to clean them.


2. Text me back

Ah, good ol’ fashioned wholesome child abuse.


1. Little golden books

Even when I was a kid these somehow already felt old to me.

Well, that’s the end of our journey for now. But you’re welcome back on this lane anytime.

What are you most nostalgic for right now?

Tell us in the comments.