I grew up in the Midwest. Kinda right in the heart of it, arguably.

I come from Kansas City, specifically. But not Kansas City, Kansas – Kansas City, Missouri. Which is connected to “KCK” but is actually larger and generally nicer than its appropriately named counterpart, which is extremely counter-intuitive and very confusing to describe to people, and in that way it sums up the midwestern experience more or less perfectly.

Because us midwesterners have a certain way about us that’s hard to put your finger on – unless you’re this particular Twitter account. Then you kinda nail it.

10. The second fridge

When I was a kid this seemed normal, now it kinda feels like a big luxury.

9. The eternal greeting

I guess I could just text them, but, nah.

8. The potholes

Ever ruined your car’s entire suspension just turning around a cul-de-sac?

7. Hodor

Sometimes it’s just kind of a contest to see who can rack up the highest score.

6. The windshield rule

At least you remembered to pop out your wipers, good on ya.

5. The cookouts

Nobody’s sure what the last thing is called but they all love it.

4. The snow

This really isn’t an exaggeration.

3. The ranch

It just goes on everything. That’s the law.

2. The words of encouragement

Take care now.

1. The ope nope


I’d say that’s a pretty good window into the midwestern experience. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m just gonna squeeze right past ya there.

What’s the most midwestern thing you’ve ever done?

Tell us in the comments.