Marriage is full of ups and downs and good and bad.

But at least it makes for some good comedy on Twitter, right?!?!

You bet!

Enjoy these marriage tweets and see if you think any of these tweets remind you of your relationship.

1. I’ve heard this before…

Your greatest hits!

2. I love it!

Now you’re in trouble.

3. That’s a win!

Good for you!

4. The way to do it.

He’s really on to something.

5. Good luck with that.

Uh oh…

6. You deserve this!

Good for you!

7. Ouch. That hurts.

But you walked right into that one.

8. Can you figure it out.

This might get ugly.

9. Is this a test?

Be honest with me!

10. Bored out of your mind.

Zoning out…

11. That’s hot.

Try not to fall asleep!

Okay, be honest with us…

How is it going with your partner lately?

Give us an update in the comments!