It’s Friday, and I don’t know about you, but I could use a laugh.

Luckily, BuzzFeed recently did a roundup of some of the funniest conversations that the internet witnessed in June.

And so many of them were about parent-child interactions.

1. It’s only a Pulitzer, but you know, well done

To be fair, once the shock wore off, Dad was more effusive.

2. Congrats, a tyrannical system has changed in your favor

Apparently an old law was changed in the UK.
This sweet mom just wanted an opportunity to celebrate her son.

3. We can always count on parents to keep our feet on the ground

But I mean, dang, Dad. Let’s celebrate for a minute.

Then there was this father-son interaction.

4. When you forget that you’re Facebook friends with your deadbeat parent…

They weren’t there for you in real life, so why would you think they’d stalk your page?


5. And when you take being a pet parent a little too far

Maybe something was lost in translation, I don’t know.
They’re not wrong though.

But not everything was a conversation between family members.

Some of them were just people being people.

6. Just an ordinary social media conversation with the world

But it’s funny, so it counts.
And what is a song, except a one-way conversation?

7. The state of the American education system exemplified

My last geography class was legit memorizing where the countries were on maps.


8. And speaking of geography, settle down, Virginia

I googled it for you, and according to Wikipedia Ludacris lived in Centreville, VA for one year. I know people there!

Also, he said thank you:


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9. Sometimes people need to be a little more forthcoming

I get being shy, but the truth will out, you know?

10. And if you lie about that stuff, you can expect a voice memo rant

I know this isn’t directed to the person in the last post, but man, what if it was?

11. When you have bigger things to worry about than emailing your landlord…

But those things are legitimately why you need to email them:

These were some good ones.

I feel better and ready for the weekend, what about you?