The thing about Tumblr is that, yes, even after all these years it’s still just 90% Doctor Who gifs, but if you’re willing to wade past all that for a while, you’re going to come across some really incredible little moments. Wild stuff. Weird stuff. Hilarious stuff. Things that seem like they were almost planted for you to find, like some wonderfully pointless little treasure hunt across the internet.

And when such things are found, they need to be cared for. They need to be gathered into collections and put on display, like we’ve done here.

Because each and every one of these Tumblr moments is truly something special.

12. Heehee hoo ha ho hee hoo

Yeah and don’t even get him started on how much we live in a society.


11. Wind powered ships

I mean, I think the idea is that you can get more POWERFUL wind-ships, but I get it.


10. The cute one

You’re number one in my book, man.


9. The banana conundrum

What is going on in your life, girl? Are you the one all those math problems foretold?


8. The book thief

I don’t know a lot about Skyrim but I know what I like.


7. Yeah buddy

This is so good that I don’t actually believe it really happened.


6. Today I learned

This is one of the smartest jokes I’ve ever read.


5. The eyes have it

Spot the man.


4. Speaking of

You’re out there doing the Lord’s work.


3. Hierarchy of needs

Hate to say it but this is what happens when all of your instructions are rooted entirely in authority.


2. Would you rather

I didn’t know I needed this discussion today but apparently I did.


1. That thing

Yeah, it me.


We love you, Tumblr. Don’t ever change.

What’s your favorite thing to go to Tumblr for?

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