When I was a kid, I was spending time at the house of a couple of my best friends and we had a great idea.

There was this long, fairly steep staircase that went from the kitchen to the basement, see, and also, there was a sled in the garage.

Inpatient for the snows of winter, we grabbed the sled and started taking turns riding it down the stairs and crashing into makeshift piles of pillows to prevent us from hitting the concrete wall.

When discovered and told to stop immediately, I protested, as I hadn’t had enough turns.

Raising boys is wild. Here are some memes to prove it.

10. My craft and your craft

Hey, at least they’re talking to ya.

9. Runnin’ out of juice

We can’t know. There’s just no way to know.

8. Again! Again!

It can go on like this for an eternity, scientists think.

7. The recommendations

“And then this one ALSO played Fornite!”

6. Every time

And they looked presentable just seconds ago.

5. The conversation

Aaaand this is why we’re doing this.

4. A spirited discussion

Looks can be deceiving.

3. The phenomenon

See? It’s what always always happens.

2. Get high

And then let’s scream real loud about how bad it hurts.

1. Get in

I straight up thought for a second that this kid had no bottom half.

Boys will be boys, I guess.

What’s your experience raising kids?

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