The internet is a great place to go if you want to feel horrible about yourself.

For instance, if you happen to belong to the generation known as “baby boomer,” you can watch your entire existence get reduced a dismissive catchphrase.

But there is SOME hope. For whatever reason, Twitter seems to be cataloguing a lot of boomer favorites in the language department, and maybe that, if nothing else, will help us all heal.

12. The moving picture show

Hold on, just gotta crank it for a minute or so.

11. Encouraging words

I’ve been told this by older folks even when it is very clearly untrue and honestly, I appreciate it.

10. Cut to the chase

I have a friend who’s like 29 and does this all. The. Time.

9. Definite article

I was just reading about it the other day on the Facebooks.

8. Mutually assured destruction

Gotta remember they grew up hiding under their desks from bombs.

7. Think differently

Is it aware of us? Does it KNOW?!

6. The good stuff

Don’t care how you say it, just remember to bring me some.

5. The million dollar question

Alright but that had better be a big tip. (It’s not gonna be.)

4. Do it to it

They got places to be, don’t stand in their way.

3. Dinner is served

Um, because that’s clearly hilarious.

2. Stir the pot

I prefer the Devil’s Lettuce.

1. More money

Seriously, they want to be rich.

I think we need to hold onto these phrases. Treasure them. Pass them on to future generations so that they can continue to be enjoyed by all.

What phrase do you think is unique to your generation?

Tell us in the comments.