For years people told me I needed a pet.

But after I lost my childhood cat, I vowed I did not want another.

I had all kinds of excuses: not enough space, not enough time.

But when the right one turns up, there’s nothing you can really say. You’re theirs.

That’s what happened when a friend sent me a picture of my dog in a shelter.

And that’s what happened for these 11 people who would have sworn they did not want a dog.

1. “No dogs in the house!”

9 months later… Looks like that one was negotiable.

Image credit: Laura Careaga

2. “Eight days, no longer.”

3 years later… Compromises were made to be broken. Good boy, Max.

Image credit: Lida Carmona Perez

3. “I don’t want a dog.”

a few days later… This is my dog now. Get your own dog.

Image credit: Pao Gonzalez

4. “I have NEVER wanted dogs.”

Until one day… Then you can’t get rid of them, even if you wanted to.

Image credit: Douglas Ramirez

5. “I told them I was keeping it for a few days for a friend.”

As time went by, they realized that he would never leave… There’s nothing wrong with a little subterfuge.

6. “I do not want animals in my house or in the car.”

Except to drive them 3 hours to the beach. You can’t let a puppy miss out on a good sunset.

Image credit: Madeleyne V Orobio

7. “No grand-puppies.”

Unless they can ride on my shoulder. How can you say no to that fluffy face?

Image credit: Madeleyne V Orobio

8. “Puppies are just too much work.”

7 years later, I love him as if he were my little boy. Good work filling the empty nest, Rockoberto.

Image credit: Janeth Garcia

9. “He doesn’t like dogs.”

Nope, not at all. Nothing to see here. Dogs clearly don’t like him either.

Image credit: Daniela Acosta

10. “Dogs are a-holes. I don’t want them here.”

3 years later… It’s the striped doggy t-shirt that really separates babies from beasts.

11. “We can’t keep it.”

2 weeks later… it’s the wallpaper on your phone. Look how fast its tail goes!

Image credit: ustos Delgado Paulina

Those are all very good boys (and girls).

It’s no wonder they changed their hard-hearted owners into dog lovers.

Did a pup ever worm its way into your heart just by existing in all its precious glory? Tell us in the comments!