When I was in 7th grade, my sister and I desperately wanted a kitten.

I don’t think my mom was particularly enthused, but we persuaded her in the end, and that summer a fuzzy gray monster of a kitty joined our family.

It’s not that my mom didn’t like cats.

It’s just that we already had a rat terrier who was likely as not to try and eat a kitten.

It’s a tale as old as time: once we had him, she loved him, and eventually he became hers.

My mom wasn’t alone in that. Here are 12 other people who didn’t want a cat in the house either.

1. “I didn’t like cats.”

Now it’s my whole life.
Of course it is, just look at its little face!

Image credit: Luna Mena

2. “No cats in the house.”

You can keep it, but it has to stay in the yard.
See? In the yard.

3. “Mom said cats are disgusting.”

And clearly she meant it.
Hurry, get that horrible beast away from her.

Image credit: Dany Arias

4. “He swore his house would never have cats.”

This is the smallest of 4. He calls her Matilda.
They look very content.

5. “I didn’t want a cat for all the world!”

Now I have a folder just for his photos…
Work that camera, kitty.

Image credit: Mariza Segovia

6. “I was totally anti-cats!”

Now we have 2…
Skritch that little floof immediately, please.

Image credit: Tere Morales Silva

7. “When I adopted a 2nd cat, she said one was enough.”

A few days later…
My cat. See how cozy it is on my bed?

Image credit: Kani Rojas

8. “I don’t like cats. We will never have a cat.”

Oops though… going on 6 years…
The cat has clearly been holding them hostage.

Image credit: Delia Clara Espinoza

9. “I don’t want cat hair everywhere.”

Now he is my darling.
Who cares about shedding when they love you so much?

Image credit: Kattia Delgado

10. “My husband said no cats nooo.”

Cat says, “yes, man, yessss.”
Cats’ favorite people are the ones who don’t want them.

11. “I don’t want to touch it or let it on my bed.”

Cat: wanna bet?
Tummy rubs are in order for that floof.

Image credit: Fabiola D. Aguiar

12. “We already have 2 dogs. NO cat!”

Unless it sleeps on my chest.
Because a dog just isn’t a cat.

Image credit: July Arlene Velasco

You just want to give them all the skritches and tuna and milk, don’t you?

It just goes to show that anyone can become a cat person.

Do you want a cat? Tell us how you really feel in the comments.