If you’re looking for marriage advice, you’ll never have to look very far.

People just kinda give it all the time, regardless of context.

Often times though, it’s not really advice that they themselves have found useful, but rather expectations and idioms that have been passed down to them that they assume they must likewise  perpetuate.

But how many of these gems are really helpful? Twitter has some doubts.

11. “Never go to bed angry”

Sometimes a little rest is exactly what you need.

10. “Marriage is hard work.”

I thought it was supposed to be a joy, not a burden?

9. “It can survive anything.”

This should be classified more under “joke” than “advice.”

8. “Make it work for the kids”

In a lot of cases, the kids will be much better off with a little back and forth than they would growing up in a household full of anger and resentment.

7. “Grow up”

You first.

6. All the stereotypes

People, it turns out, are people.

5. Deny your eyes

We all have to make peace with the fact that Idris Elba exists, just let it happen.

4. “Use s** as a weapon”

Yup, sounds like a totally healthy dynamic to have.

3. “Don’t let her know”

That is some machismo nonsense right there.

2. “Control her”

I think he needs new friends.

1. “One wears the pants”

These decisions affect us both, so, maybe let’s communicate?

Just follow the opposite of all that and you’ll be fine.

What’s the worst advice you’ve ever received?

Tell us in the comments.