Wait just a second…what is it that I’m looking at here?

I’m not a mind reader, but I have a feeling that you’re gonna be saying those exact words to yourself when you look through these photos that feature things that really confused some folks out there.

Some of them are really old and some look like they might be relatively new contraptions.

Either way…you be the judge!

Go ahead and take a peek!

1. What do you think this was used for?

Anyone out there have a guess?

2. Handy for the fireplace.

But what exactly…we don’t know…

3. Some family heirlooms to check out.

But still a big mystery…

4. Well, this sure is a weird one.

We’re all pretty stumped about this item.

5. Looks like it could be used in battle.

Just a hunch I have…

6. Stay away from the purple smoke.

Don’t go near that thing!

7. Maybe to stop scammers somehow?

I’m just throwing it out there…

8. What’s the deal with the sponge?

Seems to be quite a mystery…

9. Not as classy as a heart-shaped tub, but still interesting.

What was it used for?!?!

10. I really hope that’s not a real eyeball.

I have a feeling it probably isn’t…

11. Some very strange vests with liquid pouches.

No clue what this one is! How about you? Any ideas?

Now we want to hear from you.

If you’ve ever seen anything like this, tell us about it in the comments.

And please share some pics with us, too!

And show us some photos!