Fact: being broke sucks.

You can’t do anything. You can’t go anywhere. And, unless you’re a big fan of twiddling your thumbs in your spare time, you’re gonna be bored out of your mind.

Take a look at these tweets that prove being broke as a joke ain’t no fun at all.

1. Totally insufficient.

The truth hurts…

2. How does this work?

Pretty confusing…

3. Let’s just see if it works…

You never know…

4. Makes sense.

Does this sound familiar?

5. Getting pretty low.

Uh oh…

6. The downward spiral.

This isn’t good.

7. How did that happen?

Here we go again.

8. I just need 50 bucks!

Not gonna happen!

9. Homer is usually right.

Words of wisdom.

10. It’s just the way it works.

Maybe you at least have a bike?

11. Let me think about it.

The mugger wasn’t expecting this.

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