Oh, to be married…

I’m actually NOT married but I get to live vicariously through my married friends…for better or worse.

Is that weird?

Perhaps…but it is what it is.

And today we’re gonna have some laughs from folks who are actually livin’ the married life FOR REAL.

Take a look…

1. Are you still hungry?

That took a while.

2. Get with the program.

If you know what’s good for you…

3. Might not survive this.

We wish you luck.

4. Non-stop noise over there.

This is not good…

5. This is true.

Take your pick.

6. First and last name.

How intimate!

7. How can I measure up to this?

You’re making me look bad!

8. She’ll never tell…

Why do they do this?

9. Sick burn!

He meant the figure skating competition.

10. You stole their joke.

Good job!

11. A classic joke.

But she’s heard it before…

Are you livin’ the married life?

If so, tell us how it’s going in the comments.

Thanks a lot!