They say it takes all kinds, and that’s why there are so many different kinds of comedy in the world.

One of my favorite forms of comedy comes by way of Twitter.

That’s right, I mean the viral tweet that makes you laugh every time someone re-shares it.

Not everyone finds them amusing, but if you like a particular brand of weird, then these will hit you right in the funny bone.

1. Both disturbing and completely hilarious

Also, please get those away from me IMMEDIATELY.
They look like something out of a terrifying Dr. Who.

2. You know, I’ve been wanting to start a business

And there’s nothing better than a punny business name.

3. Now that’s just mean

But also I’m laughing. Don’t tell anyone.

4. I basically want to do this at least once a day

Like in the middle of Zoom meetings, I want to.

5. I feel like I know this person

And this is completely legit. Just being clear.

6. That’s what we call a classroom Whoopsie

It’s okay. We’ve all been there. Right?

7. You know… she’s not wrong

Other than midnight. Why does 12 get so much special treatment?

8. I can get on board with this

Although I think “Chewbacky” would be even funnier.

9. I’m not comfortable with how identifiable this is

Not comfortable at all.

10. There is definitely something very off here

Like, to the point that this person might need a CPS case opened.

10. And last but certainly not least

Hahahahahahahahaha (deep breath…) hahahahahaha

Maybe something is wrong with me, because these are all right up my alley.

What about you? Too hilarious or way off base?

Tell us if you have a favorite in the comments!