They say necessity is the mother of invention, and nowhere is that more obvious than in the r/redeneckengineering subreddit.

Whatever need you can imagine, when it arises, someone finds a way to solve it creatively, and users post it to the thread in admiration.

Here are some of the best!

1. This one is my very favorite

What a resourceful son of a gun.

Old boat as pool
byu/dustindee inredneckengineering

2. Now I’m no welder…

But this seems a might dangerous to me.

I don’t know if this is redneck much but I thought that this was the best sub to post this in
byu/carson0412 inredneckengineering

3. Kinda mad I didn’t think of this one, TBH

It’s sort of brilliant if you ask me.

It caught on fire last year. But this year I give you portable fire pit 2.0
byu/d-real87 inredneckengineering

4. When you’re on the road and your clothes need a wash

Do they dry them on a line out the back like a kite tail?

How to do laundry while living in a vehicle. Available programs; off-road, highway and city 🙃
byu/Curledsquirl inredneckengineering

5. Sometimes it’s hot as blazes

And you just need a little shade.

A hot day
byu/Red_Dragon987 inredneckengineering

6. When your kid wants to learn to dive

Or play like he’s on a pirate ship.

Happy Father’s Day! My dad just made a diving board for my son.
byu/malakeos inredneckengineering

7. Ingenious Guitar Hero hack

I mean, this takes some real technical knowledge, I would think.

Back in 2006 when we lived in Thailand I couldn’t find a Guitar Hero guitar for my PlayStation 2 so I hacked a knock-off Dualshock controller and a mosquito zapper into a DIY Guitar Hero controller – complete with a mercury switch for Star Power.
byu/Tominator2000 inredneckengineering

8. No hot water? No problem!

Leave it to a Southern mom to figure it out.

Just don’t bring it to the boil.
by inredneckengineering

9. See, now if this were me, I’d let it go

I’d rather them just assume no one was home.

Does this count? Seen in Devon
byu/benjm88 inredneckengineering

10. The envy of college dorm dwellers everywhere

Pretty sweet setup, boys.

I give you the double decker sofa. Ideal for game night with the guys.
byu/thievery127 inredneckengineering

11. I’m going to nope right out of this one

The mail carrier doesn’t know where that bandage has been!

I see nothing wrong with this
byu/xarzilla inredneckengineering

12. Ingenious new method of toasting

I mean it’s really quite clever.
Although people used to just make toast inside the oven…

No toaster? No problem.
byu/zDraxi inredneckengineering

And there you have it: a visual demonstration of the ingenuity of humankind.

What’s your favorite redneck engineering style life hack? Tell us in the comments!