I stayed at an Airbnb a couple of years ago when I went out of town for a wedding and the place was lovely!

Nice, clean little bungalow house in a quiet neighborhood.

But there was one part of my stay that really irked me

On top of the cleaning fee (which was pretty steep), the list of things to do before I left the day of check-out was pretty ridiculous.

Put all the dishes away and start the dishwasher. Take out the trash. Make the beds!

What was I paying a cleaning fee for?

And it seems like this is a pretty common occurrence on Airbnb…

Check out these posts from folks who are a little annoyed at the extra charges on their Airbnb stays.

1. You have to start cleaning as soon as you get there.

There goes your vacation!

2. This is out of control.

Who’s coming up with these numbers?

3. This looks familiar…

What are you paying for?

4. Do you want me to powerwash the outside of the house?

Oh wait, that’s actually on here!

How AirBNB allows you to be charged a large cleaning fee then be required to clean before you check out
byu/fuckteachforamerica inmildlyinfuriating

5. This is such BS.

How can we get this to change…?

Port Huron, MI Outrageous AirBnB 67$/Night listing came out to 261$. Cant forget the 150$ cleaning fee that will be conducted by the guest.
byu/LockPuzzleheaded3519 inmildlyinfuriating

6. How about a little extra?

Isn’t that what the housecleaning is for?

My Airbnb host wanted me to tip Housekeeping…on top of the $200 cleaning fee.
byu/Able-Cobbler5307 inmildlyinfuriating

7. That’s quite a service fee.

The bubble should pop any day now.

Sure can’t wait for the AirBNB bubble to pop
byu/cubansbottomdollar inmildlyinfuriating

8. Are you gonna go back?

My money is on NO.

In our AirBnB in the middle of nowhere.
byu/Lachesis92 inChoosingBeggars

9. Fees for days.

It never ends!

Will never use Airbnb or Vrbo again. These fees are insane!
byu/Impressive-Onion5221 inmildlyinfuriating

10. Getting doubled up.

And doubled over!

AirBnB pricing. Not only do they add “cleaning fee” and “service fee” to the nightly rate, but the nightly rate is raised for “extra guests.” I selected 8 guests for a house that says 10 guests. What could be a reasonable $500 stay ends up doubled due to extra fees.
byu/Kjostid inmildlyinfuriating

11. One night only…

For five hundred smackers!

12. Enough to make you cry.

Good luck with that…

Fees on Airbnb
byu/Post-jizz inmildlyinfuriating

Have you had to deal with any ridiculous demands from an Airbnb host?

If so, talk to us in the comments and let us know what happened.

We’d love to hear from you!