Quick question for you. If you were to, hypothetically, head over to Instagram and search for the hashtag #dogwig, how many results do you think would pop up?

No cheating. No peeking. Take a guess. A few? Dozens? Hundreds? What if I were to tell you that the answer is *SEVERAL THOUSAND.*

That’s right, thousands of people found a wig, put that wig on their dog, took a picture of that, uploaded it to the internet, and took the time to be sure to add the right tag so that it could be properly found.

That’s just the world we’re living in. That’s just Instagram. And here are some of our favorite dogs that have been found as a result, with names and personalities we’re purely guessing about based on their aesthetic.

10. Mr. Stacks

Always has candy for you. Doesn’t understand why millennials are struggling because he thinks a four bedroom house still costs a dollar.


9. Leslie

Has some hot neighborhood gossip to tell you, if she can get up the nerve.


8. The Barrister

He has served this court for fifty years, and he’ll have none of your nonsense here.


7. Frank

One of the only people who has actually read all the books on his shelves. Doesn’t remember anything in them.


6. His Honor

Order. Order in the court.


5. Zachery

Disappointed by the sales of his latest album, but trying to rebrand that as a “turning point for him.”


4. Ashleigh

Just needs to bum a cigarette off you real quick if that’s alright.


3. Pat

Didn’t realize everyone else at this costume party was going to actually put in so much effort.


2. Cruella

A turncoat for dogs if ever there was one.


1. Margerie

Very happy you took the time to mow her lawn, now just wait right there and she’ll find her checkbook.


I love them all. I love their looks.

Which one is your favorite?

Tell us in the comments.