We’re back!

And I’m psyched!

What is this lunatic talking about, you’re probably asking yourself?

Well, let me fill you in.

We’re back with some hilarious tweets about dogs and cats!

I knew you’d be psyched, too!

So get started now!

1. Now he’s in trouble.

Or maybe you liked it?

2. Just doesn’t make sense.

Care to take a crack at it?

3. This is not good.

We’re in big trouble.

4. This is great.

Mom for the win!

5. You better watch your step.

You don’t know what they’ll unleash.

6. That is scary!

Please come back!

7. What a weirdo!

Oh, wait…

8. I agree with this.

We need to start a petition.

9. You gotta love it!

Did this make you laugh?

10. Those are mine!

Time to get jealous.

11. That is a HUGE cat.

And I think I’m in love…

12. Not buying it.

Good luck with that…

How are your furry friends doing?

Give us an update in the comments.

And show us some photos, please!