Moms and dads, we see you out there…

We see you doing your best and trying to take care of your kiddos day in and day out…

But we also know they drive you crazy sometimes!

So take a much-needed break and enjoy these funny tweets. You deserve it!

1. You’re spoiling them!

Don’t give in!

2. You’re not alone.

It’s your lifeblood.

3. Usually isn’t worth it.

What a bore…

4. Not talking to you!

Now you’re depressed, aren’t you?

5. Just stay in there!

This is getting old…

6. Laying down the law.

Someone has to set them straight.

7. Please leave for a while.

Mommy has things to do.

8. They might be right…

At least about this…

9. Things change once you have kids.

Little things start to drive you insane.

10. It’s the truth!

Better buy those in bulk.

11. Start them early.

Fully caffeinated kids are a good idea.

12. Future scientist on your hands!

Well, maybe…

13. Pretty much the same thing.

It’s the truth!

Now we want to hear from you.

Have you seen any funny tweets lately?

If so, please share them with us in the comments!