We’re not really in the business of making guarantees, but we’re gonna do it today!

Because these tweets are so darn funny that we are guaranteeing that you’re going to laugh.

And you’re going to laugh HARD.

In fact, you might laugh so hard that you’ll need to take a nap after you peruse these tweets.

So what do you say we get down to business…funny business, that is!

Get started now!

1. I think a lot of people have the same thing going on right now.

She’s everywhere! No doubt about that!

2. When the dog is over it, it’s time to pack it in.

Can we go home already?!?!

3. I could see you two hitting it off.

Stranger things have happened…

4. Hang on to that thing for dear life.

He’s never getting it back, is he?


5. Care to explain what this is?

Things are about to get awkward…

6. Sure, why not?!?!

Sound pretty good, don’t you think?

7. Mom really did it this time!

How dare she say that?!?!

8. This is all your fault!

Oh…wait a second…

9. I think he’ll be able to find it now.

At least I hope he will…


10. Dude, get a clue…

What do you think he was doing in the office all those years?

11. I remember them well!

We really do need to bring them back.

12. Just sit there and look as sad as you possibly can.

And if you can, start crying…that’ll seal the deal.

Now we want to hear from you!

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Gracias, amigos!