You know what I haven’t seen in quite a while?

Kids sitting in the way back of cars facing backward.

Does that still exist?

Or is that considered unsafe these days?

Looking back on it, I guess it probably wasn’t the safest thing in the world…

And that brings us to today’s conversation: check out what AskReddit users said was normal when they were young but they don’t see anymore.

1. I miss it…

“Renting physical copies of movies at the video store, and being irritated when the one movie you wanted to watch was already rented.

Or worse, when everything switched from VHS to DVD, every rental was a gamble that the movie was actually playable.”

2. It was awesome!

“USA Up All Night in the late 1880s/ early 90s. B horror movies.

Hosted by Elvira and Godfrey. Would have sleepovers with friends and stay up all night.”

3. That is wild.

“Pox parties.

One kid gets chicken pox and his parents throw a party for the kids in the neighborhood, so all the kids can get it.

Wild times.”

4. They’re out there somewhere…

“Playing away from home for hours with no updates send to the parents.

Now, pretty much don’t see it at all.

It’s either the parents smother the kids so don’t let it happen, or insist on regularly communication.”

5. I’m busy.

“TV Guide, and knowing what day/time your favorite show was on so you wouldn’t make any other plans.”

6. Totally ’80s.

“Trapper Keepers!

I feel like I don’t see those around anymore.

I can still smell the plastic.”

7. Truth!

“Cassette tape unwound down the side of every road, tangled on the bushes.

I swear you couldn’t drive a mile without seeing cassette tape.”

8. The pop-in.

“Showing up to someone’s house without texting or calling.

Not gonna fly anymore.”

9. Kind of sad.

“Kids getting sent to school on their bikes. I rode 2 1/2 miles each way every day.

Now, parents sit in their cars with their kids at bus stops 200 feet from their front door.”

10. Lit up.

“S**king in restaurants.

I remember ash trays at every place we ever went to eat as a kid.

Really wild to think back on that since it’s not like I’m 50-60+ years old. It was the 1980s/90s and everyone knew the dangers of c**arettes.”

11. LOL.

“Car Bras. It occurred to me that it was a non-existent thing now.

I had to explain to my 14 year old daughter what they were.

I showed her a picture and she was highly disappointed that there were no b**bs on the car.”

12. Quality TV.

“ABC used to have TGIF Friday night shows.

EVERYONE at school watched with their families at home and we all had a common experience and things to talk about.

The shows were great and family centered but still good quality. Now ABC is different and not in a good way.”

13. Right up to the gate.

“Walking someone up to the boarding gate for their flight.

And if you really cared about them, waiting to leave until they turned the corner in the tunnel to get on the plane.”

You know the drill…

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