You know tweets are really good if they make you snort

You know what I’m saying?

I’m talking about the ones that you read in public, you snort because you can’t help it, and then you feel silly and totally embarrassed…

Does that ring a bell?

Of course, it does!

Or else you wouldn’t be here!

So quit dilly-dallying around and enjoy these hilarious tweets!

1. And somehow it worked!

What a genius. This man needs a statue. Or a billboard. Or something…

2. He came through again.

The guy can do it all. That was a close one!

3. Yes…yes, I do.

And here’s the proof. I mean, he looks pretty happy to me.


4. Stuck in the middle.

Both are pretty entertaining.

5. Don’t stop partying.

No matter what happens…

6. Treat yourself!

You really deserve it.

7. Here we go again.

It never ends…

8. This is gross.

And now we’re all grossed out.

9. I want a do-over!

To ruin it, I mean…


10. This is actually a brilliant observation.

We salute you!


11. It’s time to admit it…

This is the first step.

12. This is brilliant.

For all the fungi fans out there. Mushroom humor for the win!

Now we want to hear from you.

Do you have some tweets up your sleeve that make you laugh every single time you look at them?

Actually, do you have any tweets that make you SNORT?

Well, don’t keep them all to yourself! Share them with us and the other readers on here!

Do it in the comments!

And thanks in advance!