Guess what time it is?!?!

Okay, I’ll give you five seconds to guess…

Do you give up?

It’s time for you to lay your eyes on some hilarious puns that will make you smile and will make your brain work a little bit.

And both of those are good things!

So hang on tight and have a blast with these 12 funny puns.

1. Fix the net and chill.

See what they did there? Not that bad!

2. My stomach is the capital of HUNGRY.

I’m gonna use this one over the holidays.


3. Finally, a UFO was caught on tape!

Did you ever think you’d see this day?


4. Now, concentrate very hard on this one…

And give us some feedback in the comments!

Three Kings
byu/GentlemanJorge inpuns

5. Try to say this to yourself in a Minnesota accent.

It’s pretty satisfying, don’t you think?

byu/FreshRad inpuns

6. That’s a nasty looking Bruce on your leg.

Wait a second…weren’t you in Hudson Hawk?


7. Pew pew pew!

A little Star Wars humor to brighten up your day!


8. Only separated by a C.

Have you noticed that before…?

Have you ever noticed…
byu/BackFromOtterSpace inpuns

9. Which one do you prefer?

I think I’m into the Docs…

10. I think you just sealed the deal.

Nice work!

11. That’s all it took!

This is a dad joke for the ages!

12. You might have made this joke a little too soon, FYI.

The guy’s ashes haven’t even been spread yet!

Now we want to hear from you.

What are some of your favorite puns?

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