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1. Important.

“Mental health, it seems like once you talk about it you get looked at differently.

I spent a year in therapy I never felt entirely comfortable but know it’s probably still needed.”

2. Stupid.

“Being a parent.

We are often just looked at as “Babysitters”.”

3. It’s tough out there.

“Isolation and loneliness is real.

Feelings of inadequacy and never being good enough.

Dating. Having to witty banter, ask her out on a date, logistically plan the date, pay for the date, ask her out on another and so on. Also I have to move things in a romantic direction or I’m friend zoned after 3ish dates.”

4. Not trying to be creepy.

“We have to make the first move, but then that makes you a creep.

I can’t win, man.”

5. Hurting.

“When I injured my back in a bad car accident people would constantly ask me to lift heavy s**t at work because of how good of shape I was in.

Plenty of people were p**sy when I tried to explain I have an injury you can’t see.”

6. It won’t stop!

“Body hair…

And the fact that everytime I shave my face, the stubble already starts to return within a day or two giving it that almost sandpapery feel.

Why can’t my skin just feel smooth for at least a week?”

7. Just being friendly.

“I can’t just have a conversation with a female stranger without them thinking I want something from them.

I like to talk to people and the way I get blown off is often rude and a little bit hurtful to be honest.”

8. Like whatever you want.

“That I get called a fa**ot for liking Broadway shows.

It’s time to stop insulting people for their hobbies and interests.”

9. All of these.

“Basically nobody I have met actually truly cares about my emotional health, also when your balls stick to things during the summer sucks, also I occasionally have to adjust when getting out of the pool.”

10. It works!

“Not carrying a purse.

I never knew how easy it was to have my wallet, keys, sunglasses, flashlight, multitool, lip balm, pistol, battery pack, spare chargers, and check book on me at all times, regardless of what I’m wearing.

Dudes, get yourself a purse.”

11. Hold me.

“The awkwardness of wanting to be the little spoon/being embraced by a woman.

Men enjoy feeling wanted and comforted too.”

12. Be a man!

“That a man must always be stoic or he isn’t a man.

Chris Rock said “Only Women, Children, and Dogs are loved unconditionally. Men are measured by with what they provide.””

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