Man…a lot of things out there get a lot of grief for seemingly no reason.

I’m talking about music, movies, celebrities, public figures, etc.

It never ends!

And, without further ado, we’re gonna hear from people on AskReddit about what they think is frowned upon for no reason.

Let’s see what they had to say!

1. Bring it on!

“As a dude, ordering a sweet and fruity al**holic drink.

Give me my “Bahama Mama” and shut up.”

2. Annoying.

“Being a male in the early years education sector.

When I was an ECE teacher (Early childhood educator) I had a male collègue. Parents etc were always worried about him with their kids – but he was a better teacher than most.

He used a rough and tumble play approach and kids loved him. He also taught them boundaries and consent at a young age because a lot of kids weren’t listening to “keep your hands to yourself.””

3. Just let me sleep.

“Having a slightly different sleep schedule/ability than others.

My god, the number of times I’ve harassed by boomers for “staying up late/all night” when I stayed up 1-2 hours later than them, slept in the same amount, and maybe didn’t have breakfast with them.”

4. Enjoy it!

“Eating by yourself at a restaurant or going to the movies by yourself..

Happiest I’ve been at times has been single, and yes I took myself out on a date with myself and it was f**king phenomenal.

And there’s never a disagreement on who picks up the tab or whether there’s a put-out for it ? You’re always in great company when you appreciate yourself.”

5. Who cares?

“Off brand clothing. Who cares if I’m wearing bobos, I don’t have $300 to spend on Jordan’s and even if I did I wouldn’t.

My daughter is entering middle school this year and is so nervous about her clothing not being in style. We do the best we can getting her name brand things bc kids are f**king mean.

Luckily my triplets don’t give AF.”

6. Be comfortable.

“Wearing your pajamas all day when you aren’t going anywhere.

Bruh, do you want me to step into a suit and tie for literally nobody?

If I’m gonna be in my house sleeping all day then I’m gonna look like it.”

7. You gotta relax.

“Not wanting to spend your every waking hour working.

The amount of people who take pride in the fact they don’t have time to do anything other than work, and look down on people who even take a day off is ridiculous.”

8. It’s a good thing.

“Being a recovered addict.

There’s so much stigma towards the disease of addiction and people see you as a monster when in reality you’re just trying to be a better person dealing with a mental illness that overpowers you if you don’t learn how to control it.”

9. Kick your feet up.

“Sitting down if you work retail.

Why? It’s not unprofessional. There is literally no reason someone should be forced to be on their feet for 8 to 12 hrs straight. The customers don’t give a s**t as long as you help when they need you. It’s not rude. I would rather a worker be comfortable at their job.

When I worked retail my feet would hurt so bad at the end of the day that it felt like stepping on glass. I developed back pain and lord if I was on my period…you expect me to bleed heavily AND keep my balance when I already have low blood pressure? What happened?

I actually passed out into a clothing rack and was told to suck it up and that if I sat down I’d be fired. It’s ridiculous and cruel.”

10. No offense…

“Yawning during a conversation. A

s long as you cover your mouth and don’t yawn loudly, I don’t see why it’s considered rude.

The person yawning probably doesn’t find you boring, they could just be tired.”

11. Nothing wrong with that.

“Not drinking al**hol at social gatherings or celebrations.

I just want to drink my lemonade in peace, thanks.”

12. Not gonna happen!

“Not having kids.

The amount of times I’ve been told I’m selfish for not wanting children is astronomical.

Also, “Oh you’ll change your mind!” I’m 34, I’m not changing my mind.”

What do you think is frowned upon for no reason?

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