A lot of men out there like to put on a front that they have everything under control and that nothing bothers them.

But the truth is that men have insecurities in relationships just like women do.

Let’s hear from guys on AskReddit who got real about this important issue.

1. Stay-at-home dad.

“I quit my job to pursue my dream of owning my own business. But it’s going to take a long time to get there, so right now, I’m just a stay-at-home dad.

I thought it’d feel awesome being at home and being with my daughter while my wife works. And it is awesome with my daughter each day but, man… I feel kinda c**ppy now being a stay-at-home dad, like I’m not doing my part as a husband and father.”

2. Settling?

“That I am not good enough, in any sense of the word, and that my partner is ‘just settling’ because I’m stable.

Can’t help but feel sometimes they’re just waiting for something better to come along, ya know?”

3. Mommy’s girl.

“I play with my daughter all the time, but at the end of the day, she always prefers her mom.”

4. Can’t do it all.

“That I cannot fix every problem [my partner] has and that I am not always the problem when they’re upset.

I have to let them be upset and understand it’s not always me — it’s OK to just listen to them.”

5. Not worthy.

“That I’m not worthy of her. She’s the total package, and I’m just…me.

What makes it really crazy is that we have been together for almost 34 years, and I still feel this way.

In no way, shape, or form has she shown me that this might be true. She’s literally the perfect partner.”

6. Are you there?

“Giving them the feeling of not being there for them enough.

I tend to be very quiet and introverted. I’ve been told several times that I’m too much in my head and that they have the feeling I’m not ‘actually there.’

But I try to work on it and be more open about my feelings and stuff.”

7. Why do you love me?

“Not knowing why they would ever love me.

There must be another reason, and it can’t be money.”

8. Hopefully that won’t happen.

“That one day, out of seemingly nowhere, they’ll no longer care for me.

And when it happens, it hurts.”

9. Being judged.

“The fact that I’m about to be a stay-at-home dad, and her parents keep bothering me about what I’m gonna do.

She’ll make significantly more than I ever could, and there’s literally no point in me working anymore. I just don’t like being judged.”

10. Not good enough.

“I know I work my butt off at work; I’m emotionally supportive. I’m always setting goals to lead the way to what’s next in life.

However, there’s always that voice that says, ‘You need to be more; it’s not enough. Try harder.’ So, I push the living hell out of myself.”

11. The One.

“That I will never find a woman as awesome as the one I just buried.

I miss my best friend.”

12. A real drag.

“For me, it’s feeling like I’m a drag on my partner’s life. I have several health issues that leave me in extreme pain.

I’m constantly sleep-deprived and without any energy or motivation to do anything besides lay in bed and watch TV or listen to music while cuddling with my girlfriend. Meanwhile, my girlfriend is a perfectly healthy, energetic, and full-of-life young adult who wants new experiences and doesn’t want to spend a minute more than she needs to resting.”

I try my best to keep up, and if I can’t do a certain activity she wants to try, I actively encourage her to do whatever it is she is wanting to do — go to an amusement park, go on a road trip, go-karting, activities like that — with her friends.

At the end of the day, the unavoidable truth is I am a damper on her life, and I don’t see why someone like that is willing to be in a relationship with someone like me.”

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