I consider myself a bit of a history buff and I can spend hours and hours looking at old photos from just about any era.

And that’s why these vintage pics from Reddit’s “Old School Cool” page are right up my alley!

I don’t know what it is, I just always seem to think that living in the past is more fun than being present…I might need to work on that…

Anyway, check out these cool pics of yesteryear. We think you’ll love them!

1. This is awesome!

As a fan of The Three Stooges, I support this 100%.

2. See, he had a softer side we didn’t know about.

Everyone loves their grandma…even The Undertaker.

3. He finally did it!

Who says adults don’t love video games?

4. I’d love to hear this story!

Just a few years before he became The Terminator.

5. I had absolutely no idea this was Phil Collins.

He was a cool looking dude!

6. Old School New York City for the win.

This shot is definitely a time capsule.

7. Grandpa was a pretty stylish fella.

I bet the ladies loved him!

8. I wonder if they were in the parking lot waiting for a concert…

Who could it be? Dokken? Iron Maiden?

9. She’s one of a kind!

And she’s still going strong!

10. He looks like a cool cat.

This screams 1970s, doesn’t it?

11. You better believe that he was!

What a great show!

12. This is really something.

Get a load of this guy!

Now it’s your turn!

Share some more cool old pics with us in the comments.

Let’s kick it old school!