Why can’t they just understand…?

I’m talking about the opposite gender and the roadblocks that seem to come between us…

But, such is life…

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about what they wish the opposite gender understood.

1. Needing compliments.

“A good chunk of the men who need reassurance are most likely not getting enough compliments in the relationship.

This isn’t always the case, but I always felt insane dating certain people, and then with the right person who complimented me, is genuinely attracted to me and initiated things, and who ACTUALLY loves me (I now think others weren’t that attracted to me, even ex fiance), and I have never felt more confident, and safe in a relationship.

Looking back, my intuition was correct with the other people I dated and that’s why I never felt secure.”

2. Nothing to worry about.

“I’m not thinking about anything!

No I’m not cheating!

I’m playing games with my friends.”

3. Nobody’s perfect.

“We are flawed people and we are not perfect. Stop expecting everything to be perfect 100% of the time.

I’m far from perfect, but I strive to make myself better. I’m a married guy.”

4. Gimme something.

“I need you to make some effort in pursuing me back.

Otherwise this feels stalker-ish.”

5. No big deal.

“If I ask you out, and you say no, that’s it. Like there’s no lingering weirdness or anything.

If you’re not interested in me romantically, that’s fine. I’m perfectly cool just being friends. I won’t be awkward or anything about it, won’t bring it up, won’t bring it up to mutual friends, it was just a question.

Friend zone isn’t a bad thing all the time. Sometimes it’s where the best friends come from.”

6. I have emotions.

“Just because you keep telling me it’s ok to have emotions doesn’t mean I’m going to burst into tears. I have emotions, they’re just quiet and don’t bother people.

I’m not emotionally distant or unfeeling. I’m just not going to burst into tears because the dog d**d in “Marley and Me”. I’ll cry when my dog d**s in “My Dog and Me”.”

7. Out with it!

“We never get your hints!

If you want something, SAY IT!”

8. In pain.

“How bad period pain can get for some women.

Have you ever been WOKEN UP from pain at 3am that didn’t go away for at least a couple of hours so you just stayed awake because going back to sleep was definitely not happening?

Paink**lers only work for me if i catch it BEFORE it gets bad.”

9. No need for that.

“Just because you think I’m pretty, doesn’t mean I need you to send me a photo of your junk.

Come on, now…”

10. Just do it!

“Please for the love of god do your f**king dishes!


11. For everyone.

“Both s**es should understand that dating is a potential relationship’s very best behavior.

If you’re having issues during dating and can’t figure out some compromises IT’S NOT GOING TO GET BETTER…”

12. Can’t control it.

“We don’t always control our d**ks.

Just because I have an er**tion doesn’t always mean I’m thinking of s**. And opposite, if I lose my er**tion during whatever games we are playing doesn’t always mean that I suddenly find you repulsive or no longer want you.

And a bonus inside tip, if a man does lose his e**ction for whatever reason, don’t make it a point to say anything about it. Just act like it’s all part of the plan and usually it can work out.

You start asking if anything is wrong, now it’s a problem. Start saying things about being shy or anything like that, now it’s a problem. Just roll with it and enjoy what happens.”

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