Figuring out the opposite gender can be tough, huh?

And just when you think you’re making some headway…BAM!…you get thrown another curveball.

AskReddit users talked about what they wish the opposite gender would stop doing.

Let’s take a look…

1. I’m the father!

“Stop saying im babysitting my kids.

I’m their father, I’m parenting them.

You don’t say that about their mom!”

2. Not getting it.

“Dropping hints.

With my anxiety issues, I will never pick up on them, because my brain does not even consider a woman is hitting on me.”

3. Not cute.

“Please don’t assume that I secretly enjoy being s**ually harassed because I’m blushing. Don’t point out that I’m blushing, don’t tell me I must like it because I’m blushing, and certainly don’t double down after I tell you to stop because I’m blushing.

ESPECIALLY don’t do this s**t when I am at work where I am getting paid to be nice to you. I am literally NEVER blushing because I am flattered. 100% of the time I’m blushing because I am uncomfortable as f**k.”

4. Let’s have a talk.

“Zero communication.

I’m sick of having to guess what you’re thinking because you think it’s obvious.

Grow up and say what you want/feel.”

5. Gross.

“Flirting with me to get things.

I’m an openly gay man. The girls at work still flirt with me so I’ll help them with things.

Just ask.

But touching me and asking me for “a huge favor” is cringey AF.”

6. Who does this?

“I’m a married, 48 year old, male nurse and father of five, please don’t stroke me, grab my muscles, bum, etc and make lewd ‘oooh I like a man in a uniform’ or ‘you can stick your thermometer anywhere you like big boy!’ comments.

Just let me do my f**king job. Imagine if a man did it to a female nurse.”

7. What do I do?

“Thinking that they can get out of parenting and cleaning because “they don’t know what to do.””

8. Stop it.

“Making blanket statements about the opposite gender.

It’s infuriating to both sides I feel, and we’re not all the same.”

9. Just being friendly.

“Assuming I have ulterior motives for being friendly. I don’t want to sleep with you and I am not creeping on you.

My natural mode is friendly and ready to help total strangers. It’s not the most common thing, but it shouldn’t be such a wild concept.”

10. Politeness.

“If I hold a door for you, or offer to help you with something, don’t assume I am s**ist or that I think you are incapable.

I do it for guys too. I was just raised to be polite.”

11. Creepers.

“Stop interacting with my effing daughters in the store (or any other public place) like you’re their damn grandpa. You are a STRANGER.

No, you can not have their names. NO YOU CAN NOT TICKLE THEM. It literally never happens when my husband is there. Only when we’re three ladies rolling solo. Yes, it’s way more invasive than a polite comment that I have beautiful children/that we’re a beautiful family. (That’s fine.)

You are not entitled to force your way into a conversation with a woman alone with her kids that you don’t know. It’s creepy. It’s scary. Don’t do it. Yes, it’s happened more than once.”

12. Knock it off.

“Both genders: stop playing hard to get. Its not cute. Its not attractive.

For me, its a sure fire way for me to start being the hard to get one cause I’m just gonna assume you have no interest and I’ll have lost interest you very quickly.

Its emotional and mental torture when you do this. Stop. Just. Stop.

We’re just looking to make a connection. Theres no need for all the red tape and maze filled with mousetraps in between.”

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