A few years before Jacka** became a hit, there was a trailblazing kid in my school used to film himself doing all kinds of wild stuff and then he’d sell VHS tapes to students.

He even had a catalog of his videos!

And yes, he was known as “the weird kid.”

But I always thought he was hilarious…and a little bit crazy.

Let’s hear some stories from AskReddit users about

1. Howdy.

“I went to a school right on the edge of the suburbs/country, there was a kid who would really do anything to get attention, whether it was hitting on teachers, or pulling off childish pranks.

One day he ended up driving a tractor  to school and parking it diagonal through about 10 parkings spaces. The police had to get involved and he was temporarily suspended.”

2. Before smartphones.

“In the winter when there was plenty of snow on the ground he got down on his stomach, opened his mouth wide and wormed around consuming the snow.

It was a sight to behold and I wish smartphones existed then.”

3. The liar.

“He lied about everything, even things were obviously lies and he would always insist they were true.

For example, he said he was a commercial airline pilot, at age 16. In reality he worked at a gas station, which is a fine job for a teenager. At least he had a job which was better than many, if not most kids that age, but he always tried to make himself sound more exciting than he really was, but it just wound made him seem..well, weird.

Another time he said he was a passenger on a plane when something happened to the pilot that rendered him unable to fly the plane, so he(the kid) had to take the controls and safely land it.”

4. Legend.

“Put magnets in the French teacher’s computer, and the teacher got so pi**ed. The kid had no problem taking full responsibility, and got screamed at in front of the whole class.

The teacher then went over to buzz the office, but the kid turns off the buzzer and says “how about no”. He got suspended.”

5. Sad.


He was just physically unattractive and socially inept so people treated him like a pariah.

I felt bad for him honestly.”

6. The boss.

“Wore a full suit to school every day.

He was also a drug dealer and thought the suit made him look less suspicious. He got caught with tons of bags of weed and pills in his back pack package for selling.

We never saw him again at school.”

7. Afraid of meat.

“Elementary and middle school: kid was afraid of meat.

Someone chased him around the whole school with a piece of sweet and sour chicken once.”

8. Ugh.

“He turned on the oven at home on full heat and opened the door just enough to put one finger in just to see what would happen.

He left it in there long enough to cook his finger tip and had half the finger amputated once his mother caught him and took him to hospital.”

9. Top of the mornin’ to ya.

“He wore a kilt. Wasn’t Scottish or Irish, just did it in an attempt to provoke a response from the school.

The dress code didn’t prohibit the kilt so nobody initially cared. It became an issue when the smell started bothering people. His parents only bought him one and he went weeks without washing it. The smell of sweat and BO was so bad he was sent home and told to come back in clean clothes.

After that, he was ostracized, while not directly bullied, because he now had a reputation as someone who tried to provoke confrontations with the school or other students.”

10. Great guy.

““Whip it out” Kyle.

He would whip his d**k and balls out upon request.

This was high school.”

11. Felt bad for him.

“Came from a poorer family.

He didn’t seem to have many clothes, didn’t wash them often, and didn’t seem to take baths often, so he usually smelled.

He was a decent guy, and I felt bad for him for all the stuff he put up with.”

12. Going around in circles.

“She was extremely autistic.

Spinning in circles and screaming through the hallways. She didn’t have many friends, but she was an absolutely AMAZING artist.

She could draw a Picasso quality drawing in 2 minutes flat, and she really prides herself in it. I am very happy for her.”

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