I don’t think I’ve been skinny since I was about 14-years-old…that’s when I had a major growth spurt and filled out.

But before then, I was as thin as a toothpick…and I remember being pretty self-conscious about it.

And today we’re going to hear from AskReddit users about what they think are the worst things about being skinny.

1. That’s annoying.

“People feel the need to just f**king pick you up all the time.

Put me down!

I don’t care how strong you are!”

2. Bone on bone.

“My partner and I are both skinny. When we are intimate it often happens that it’s just bone on bone which is not comfortable.

Like this morning we where spooning. I was the little spoon. And he had his arm resting on my hip. That’s all it takes. There is just no soft cushion between us.”

3. Gets old.

“People noticing every fluctuation in weight.

When I was skinny. I’d say something about putting on weight and someone would have to say “but you’re so skinny”.

Yeah f**ker, I know I’m skinny but if I gain 10 pounds none of my f**king pants fit!”

4. Can’t find the right pants!

“Finding pants that fit.

As a long legged, skinny guy.. it is horrible.

Either the pants fit around my waist, that means they are way too short… or they are the right length, wich means they don’t fit around my waist – aka they are loose, forcing me to wear a belt and adjusting it several times a day.”

5. Assumptions.

“People assuming you have an eating disorder.

When I was a junior in high school I went to the state debate competition. All my competitions happened to fall on lunch times. On our way home on the bus, I was complaining about not really having eaten all week.

The student body President turns around and says to me “yeah, but you’re anorexic.” And my jaw dropped.”

6. Ouch.

“Going to an amusement park and realizing that no one else thinks the seats on the rides are too hard.

I was in pain.”

7. Bummer.

“My dad always gives me good watches and I love them but I never wear them.

They make me look skinnier.”

8. The worst part.

“The worst part of being skinny for me was no one actually looking into why I was skinny and just throwing the anorexic label on me, threatening to shove tubes into me if I didn’t just simply “eat more” even though eating more would usually just worsen the agony and nausea I got from eating.

I am diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease these days and that was back when it was at its absolute worst.”

9. Darn.

“People assuming I do drugs.

I grew up not having great teeth, so bad teeth mixed with being skinny = constant assumptions that I’m an addict.”

10. Can’t help it.

“My friends in high school used to say I looked anorexic because I weighed 90lbs.

All of the women on my dad’s side are short and skinny, I literally couldn’t help it.

I ate so much food too to try to gain weight because I was so self conscious about it.”

11. Lost a lot.

“I remember after I lost 115lbs, I went to break up a fight thinking it would be the same as before. I grabbed one person and leaned back.

Normally that would be enough be to anchor them down. But this time I got yanked and pulled to the floor like a rag doll.

For reference, I used to be a bouncer for 5 years and broke up fights all the time. Never realized the extra fat gave me so much of an advantage till I didnt have it anymore.”

12. Been on both sides.

“As someone who was underweight in my childhood up to my early 20’s, and suddenly obese in my 30’s….. It doesn’t matter what weight you are, people will always have something to say about it.

But one thing I H**ED about being skinny, was always being the one to have to sit in the middle seat in the car.”

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