What’s your biggest regret?

The thing that keeps you up at night and gnaws at your soul?

Yes, we all have them…

But it’s part of life!

So move on the best you can and learn from it.

And check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Regretting it.

“Becoming a parent.

Despite loving my kid, I feel I’m just no good at it and its destroyed my sense of who I am as an individual.”

2. Never again.

“Getting married.

I spent years paying off her substantial debt, I then dumped another 50k in our “forever house” only to live in it for a year.

Now she’s debt free, and I lost half of everything I paid for.

Never again.”

3. Married young.

“Getting married to my first girlfriend at 19.

I rushed the relationship because it felt good to not be alone and I thought that I could help her with her depression and anxiety, was hoping to have kid with her as well. However as time went on she just got worse and worse and kept using her depression as a crutch to justify every sh**ty thing she did.

When I started experiencing depression I stopped trying to keep things together and we got divorced a few years ago. I still haven’t recovered mentally from it and between that and the pandemic I feel like a shell of the man I used to be.”

4. Wasted time.

Putting time and efforts into relationships and friendships that I should have just let go the first chance I had.”

5. Could have worked harder.

“Slacking off in high school and not taking college seriously.

I could have worked harder, and found a career where I would be financially stable, yet here I am.”

6. Dad.

“Not spending Father’s Day morning with my Dad.

I was staying at a “friends” house the Friday night before and Saturday I called to ask if I could stay over again my Dad sounded bummed that I wouldn’t be home Sunday morning for Father’s Day, but my friends parents were divorced and she didn’t spend a lot of time with her dad, so she was begging me to stay over.

He let me, but I wished I wouldn’t have. Turned out she was the one spreading terrible rumors about me, became my bully and to top it off my dad d**d when I was 18 so I don’t get to spend any Father’s days with him. Wish I would’ve gone home and spent the time with him instead.”

7. Sleepwalking.

“Not “waking up” earlier.

Feels like I was somewhat sleepwalking my entire life, not taking a anything seriously and being utterly numb.

The last few years I’ve been “waking up” seeing the folly of my ways. It’s painful, but better than being a zombie.”

8. DUI.

“Getting a DUI when I was 21.

My best friend committed s**cide in my apartment and I didn’t know how to cope with the grief so I turned to al**hol.

Not an excuse for my reckless behavior at all, just an explanation. It’s been 8 years and I can’t stop thinking about how dumb that was.”

9. Ouch.

“Used my new cordless power drill without reading the instructions.

It’s a LOT more powerful than my old corded drill was.

Fourth hand surgery coming up soon.”

10. Ghosting.

“I deeply regret ghosting someone I really did like. And she liked me.

I had some bouts with extreme anxiety last year and just kind of couldn’t function. I think I was also not really prepared for meeting her. It was unexpected. I think I wasn’t in a great place for that at that time.

I don’t know if I should reach out to apologize or not. I don’t know if she would want to hear from me. I probably will and I do want to. I want her to know it wasn’t because I didn’t like her. I really did. I really feel terrible about it”

11. Can’t forgive yourself.

“My mom d**d nearly one year ago(2/7/22). She battled ALS for two years. It was very sudden and a horrific experience.

The last thing she said to me before she lost the ability to speak was “stay”. She was dying and afraid and just wanted her daughter to stay by her side, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t sit and watch her die.

It was excruciating for me. I did visit her every day until her d**th, but she was no longer there really. She d**d a week later. I will never forgive myself.”

12. Ruined a friendship.

“Wrote a friend who was a girl a nasty letter about how she was a bad person after I had gone full incel.

Didn’t realize until later that I was the horrible person.”

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